X-Message-Number: 10730
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 20:05:30 GMT
From: Tom Jonsson <>
Subject: Fully reversible brain preservation? 

Friends and like-minded,

It has been a while ago since I last visited CryoNet and on CryoNet today 
there are too many irrelevant articles in my opinion. It is a matter of 
course that everyone can discuss these topics in a forum, but I think it's 
about time that Cryonet splits up into a few sub directions. 

Secondly I agree with Thomas Donaldson and Paul Wafker about "nanotechnology 
as some kind of religion". The most important topic right now is to achieve
a fully reversible cryopreservation.

I think it is strange and I am disappointed that nobody seems to have
repeated my work yet. I cryoperfused adult rats with a mix of increased
of ethanol for a couple of years ago. No one really believed in my ideas
then but I proved(non published) that neurons can survive stored in liquid
Nitrogen, provided the freezing process is properly carried out. In fact, 99
% of all neurons I analyzed were vital and no significant difference between
frozen and not frozen neurons were to be found. 

I did a lot of testing with different cryopreservative solutions on brain
slices. It is inevitably necessary to test the CPA-solutions in realistic
conditions. Ethanol, for example, is very harmful to the cells under most
circumstances but not if we consider temperature in relation to concentration
(it has to be kept just above freezing point during exposing). 

Go right on to cryoperfusing and don't get stuck in "slices" that's my advice.
Given a 100 percent effort I think that a fully reversible cryopreservation on 
a rat brain could be possible within 3 or 4 years. 

/Tom J

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