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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Guncontrol epilouge?
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 03:17:01 +0100

I started this writing, its a bit far out from Cryonics but related, not
advocating but for educating in answers. Some answered here and to me by email
against this being here, and some for, good democracy. Not in the mission to
change US, not on any other list since there are endless ones with to much
people. I'm interested in the Cryonicists. Most of us live outside US, Cryonics
are only inside.

The only for-verification I've seen are sponsored by the NRA I seem to remember,
in an objective homepage-search on the net. Very educating homework, do it!
There is not much we can do either way, but are a small vital part for some of
us if we should move over to US mainly for Cryonics at the end. If my brain are
shot splattered out, Cryonics cant do much, doesn't have to be an external
about half are home accidents or suicides. It may be very tempting as here to

get a gun sometimes, and to easy to use right or wrong then i.e. cleaning it, or
wake up at night and shoot the wrong one in the drowsy dark.

For most of you this has never been a problem, but are nr 1 in US according to
one newspaper. Its such as here, i.e. immigrants are not much of a problem out
here in my villa and where I walk, but are a major national problem.

Thomas D: Switzerland as I've been to many times has a homeguard under good
control with arms at home, as we even do have here, no handguns as the Jews in
Israel have a lot of against the Arabs I'm told, thats another issue.

Here are some "homework" done from major orgs. WebPages in short instead of
URL's, i.e. as some here compared with cars etc:

"Yet guns are the second most deadly consumer product (after cars) on the
market. In Texas and Louisiana the firearms-related death rate already exceeds
that for motor vehicles, and by the end of the decade firearms will likely
supplant automobiles as the leading cause of product-related death throughout
the United States.


From 1968 to 1991, deaths due to motor vehicles in the USA have declined by 21%

(from 54,842 to 43,536) while during the same period deaths due to firearms
increased by 60% (from 23,875 to 38,317). [Source: Deaths resulting from
firearm  and motor vehicle related injuries   United States, 1968 1991.
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, US Centers for Disease Control, 1994;
43:37 42.]


Such laws are promoted with slogans like "an armed society is a polite society."
They rely on the theory that the more guns you have, the safer you are. Others
argue that if this were indeed the case, America would be the safest nation on

Almost 85% of medical charges due to gun shots are paid by taxpayers through
public health and public debt. (Journal of American Medical Association, 1988 &
Journal of Trauma, 1992)

Between 1986 and 1991, 92 of the 549 trauma care centers in the United States
closed due to financial costs of gun violence. (Journal of American Medical
Association, 1992)

70% of gun owners support stricter gun control. (USA Today Gallup Poll, 1992) "

Thomas Nord

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