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Subject: Family in Southern Norway wants to get in touch with existing cryonic 
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 08:44:15 +0100

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Oslo November the 9th of 1998,  

I just received a phone call from a lady in Mandal Norway. Her 59 year old
mother died 4 days ago, and she expressed strong interest in having her
frozen. I spent one hour on the phone trying to acertain that she is aware
of what she is attempting to get herself into. I also gave the lady the
phone numbers for the main cryonic organizations in the United States. In
case she gets in touch with any one of you: Possible red flags are: 1.
That the husband of the diseased is still alive, and will also have to
give his approval for such to be legal. 2. The lady said that she would
call upon an aunt for the financing of the cryonic suspension of her
mother. 3. She gave her name, but did not have the courage to leave her
own phone number.   In case she ever contacts any of the US cryonic
organizations, I will be glad to assist in organizing whatever has to be
organized on this end.  

Attached is the list of contacts I gave her, If this list needs to be
upgraded, please let me know,  


  Trygve Bauge 011-47-22-14-80-78  

List of larger cryonic organizations in the USA:  Acs    00-1-650-254-2001
       (00-1-408-734-4200) old ? Alcor  00-1-800-367-2228 Bio
preservation 00-1-909-987-3883 Cryocare 00-1-800-Topcare  (What is that in
numbers?) Cryonic institute/the immortalist 00-1-810-548-9549 ICF   
00-1-209-463-0429 TT      00-1-510-639-1955  

Please let me know if this list lacks the right cryonic organizations &
phone numbers.  




Life-Extension Systems, Norwegian Icebathing Association & Action 88. For
a VHS video presentation of my work, send $50 to Trygve B.Bauge  c/o
Aksjon 88, P.o.b.59 Hovseter,0705 Oslo,Norway Ph 47-2214-8078 E-mail: 

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