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From: "Trygve B. Bauge" <>
Subject: Latest on Norwegian situation.
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 18:40:32 +0100

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The situation in Mandal Norway is the following as of Tuesday November the
10th 18:30 pm Norwegian time.  

The diseased 59 year old woman have two next of kind: One 68 year old
husband and one 32 year old daughter.  

The daughter is the one all set to have her mother frozen. The father did
according to the daughter, first approve, but has since gotten cold feet.
An brother of the diseased is serving as a go between between the two. He
is as presently using Alta Vista to get as much information as possible
about cryonics. He asked me for information as to costs of cryonics. I
suggest that the various cryonics organizations fax him their cost sheets
and whatever other brief presentations thay might have. He is unfamiliar
with the use of internet, so it is easier to reach him with fax than with
e-mail. His son is studying medicine in Germany, and might be able to
assist him in making sense out of the most indept medical articles.  

Please fax info to: Jan Ivar Andersen Fax 011-47-38-27-11-01  

His mobile phone is 011-47-91-17-05-01  

He was at the outset loudly opposed to cryonics, but calmed down during
our one hour conversation, and wants now by his own volition to get as
much information about cryonics as possible.  

Please send a copy of any fax to me too so I can keep it on file for use
during future requests for cryonic suspensions.  

Thanks,    phone/faxmodem: 011-47-22-14-80-78  

The family in Mandal, Norway is now discussing cell storage as an
alternative to full body storage. So they might be open for information
about this too.  

Life-Extension Systems, Norwegian Icebathing Association & Action 88. For
a VHS video presentation of my work, send $50 to Trygve B.Bauge  c/o
Aksjon 88, P.o.b.59 Hovseter,0705 Oslo,Norway Ph 47-2214-8078 E-mail: 

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