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Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:54:23 EST
Subject: psychologically fit

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<<  Is there a mechanism in place to assure that those taking the "plunge" are
psychologically fit to inhabit whatever future they will arive in? I am an
 proponent of life extention but quality of life is of utmost importance. I do
not enjoy the thought of arriving at a common destination with many of the
thought processes I see at functioning at times on this board. >>

Scott has brought up an excellant point. Since he was the first one to mention
this aspect I believe that he should be the one to decide who is to live and
who is to die. Scott should be the one to decide who is psychollogically
"fit". I am sure that he will come up with a logical and rational reasoning to
his decisions. The basis may be  religious...... or  socially acceptable
behaviour ( someone that has been good and not evil ) ....... or perhaps even
as simple as racial. ;)

Oh - perhaps we are mistaken, this is too big for one person - what we need is
a committee!!!

I am sure that a committee would be more wise and less capricious. It has more
egos to satisfy than just one. Therefore it will be able to make decisions
that one person simply cannot make. 

I hope we all see the satire here.

In the end it will be a matter between the people on the other end of the time
line and containers filled with frozen meat. Let us all hope that compassion
will have grown along with the science and the technology. 

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