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From: "Trygve B. Bauge" <>
Subject: How long after death are skin cells still viable?
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 01:39:33 +0100

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About once or twice a year I get approached by people who just have lost 

a relative and the question comes up: How long after death can one still
harvest living skin cells, that have not been damaged by the chemicals
released in or from the blood stream by the body during its dying process.

Is there any research on this?  

And what research is being done on cloning DNA from dead cells?  

In the latest case from Mandal Norway, the diseased died 5 days ago and
has been stored and is still stored at a unheated chapel where the
temperature has been around 8 degrees.  

Thanks for responding.  


Ps. Here it is now in the midle of the night, And the daughter of the
diseased woman  is still calling me for assistance. However she does not
seem to get her father  to go along even on the simple harvesting &
storage of cell samples.  

As it turned out her uncle was only interested in searching for
information on cryoonics through Alta Vista, in an attempt to find
arguments against cryonics.  

The diseased is now set to be burried tomorrow Wednesday November the
11th, even without cell samples being taken, unless the daughter is able
to convince her father to do otherwise.  

The daugher is genuinly interested in cryonics, inspite of me having
mentioned to her most of the pitfalls and problems that cryonisists are
faced with. Her name is Siv Torresen, and she can be reached at
011-47-38-26-48-53. She lives together with her father, who is as genuinly
not interested in cryonics. He doesn't want to hear more about it, she
still wants desperately to try to persuade him. If you call her, ask for
her and not for him. It is her house and her phone as much as his. After
all she has apparently inherited half of it after her mother. Her father
and uncle has told the police that they don't want to receive more calls,
she has then called the police and told the police that she wants to be
assisted and to receive phone calls that can assist her. The police looks
upon it as a family feud outside their realm.  

The moral is: If you want to freeze anyone, be sure to discuss it with
them and to work out all the details while they are still alive. And if
you want to freeze cell samples of anyone, be sure to harvest these while
the donor is still alive and the cells can be properly sampled, cultivated
and frozen in such a way that they survive and can be used for later
cloning with existing technology.  


Life-Extension Systems, Norwegian Icebathing Association & Action 88. For
a VHS video presentation of my work, send $50 to Trygve B.Bauge  c/o
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