X-Message-Number: 10744
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: CryoNet subjects.
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 05:36:25 +0100

Another one in Sweden some 300 miles away suggested a split of CryoNet, as I
also did a short time ago just to consider. However, this net are partly a bit

boring for us who are not up to date yet with all the stuff about Nanotechnology
and CR, but browse through to find pearls. I've only found this and
Sci.Cryonics. CryoNet are not very large yet and seems to be closest to us who
have the means to sign up or had done so. I beg those who has not or can not to
tell us what to do here. This net need to be lightened up with other matters a
little bit, just as a newspaper in order not to lose interest. Mix the
boring/serious stuff with some pop-stuff, all more or less interesting for most
of us, to keep us signups on. Non-signups are of course welcome too, but please
spare me mails about "horseshit" etc. since I got fanmail and support here
for my and similar postings, as this Net are closest to the Cryo.-orgs who will
take care of a lot of our money and the end of our lives.

4 Life/Pro vivo
Thomas Nord

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