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From: "Trygve B. Bauge" <>
Subject: Survival by degree (or why cloning is worth pursuing.)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:23:33 +0100

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Survival by degree.  

Ideally one would like to survive 100%.  

Traditionally the only survival available has been through one's off
spring: e.g. the survival of 50 percent of one's genes, (And a somewhat
higher percentage for those with more off spring, though not in the same
kid, unless there has been inbreading of course.)  

With cloning one's gene combination will survive close to 100 %. However
as I understand it only genes found in the cell nuclei will be passed on
and some genes from the embryo cell that was used will tag along as well.
for a close but not identical genetic match. Maybe this can be corrrected
by improving the cloning technique.  

Some people disregard cell sampling and cloning all together, and rather
wants to bring along and repair their whole body. While I prefer to ask
the question: How can we use a clone so to increase the degree to which we
survive through the clone?  

It seems to me that many reactions like emotions etc. are common human
traits that also will be passed on to a clone without any specific effort
to do so. All parts of you that is decided by your genetic makeup, will
still be there in the clone.  Some part of your intelligence, musicality
etc. Even your sense of being, as you experienced this as a young kid,
might be experienced similarly in a clone. (A kind of common rebooting
experience if you like.)  

We are also all children of our time, in the sense that a large part of
our memory is made up of information that we share with others: e.g.
language, school curriculum,  newspapers, Tv programs and radio  programs
etc. Our common knowledge can easily be recreated in a clone using
conventional education techniques. No need to wire the brain here.   

Even your most personal experiences and thoughts, your will system, your
highest goals, your ethical system, your system of ventures, interests &
tasks, might be recorded on video, in pictures or in writing, and be
passed on to a clone by conventional teching techniques, or as a
multimedia presentation, a kind of computer program that your clone can
take over and expand upon. Think of it as adding a computer class called
"Knowing your origin" to the weekly schedule from kindergarden and to the
University level, or as a part of a life-long learning experience.  

What I am saying is that with conventional technology that exists here and
now, one can achieve almost 100 percent continuation of one self . Whereby
I recommend that those so inclined  have cell samples taken, cultivated,
centrifuged and frozen for future cloning.  

Of course you and your clone will be 2 different individuals. And you will
still have the sorrow of dying. But from the clone's perspective it will
be a total continuation of you.  

So how can one use such a "mental clone" to also take along one's own
experience of being?  

Well if we study the brain we might eventually come up with a way to link
two brains up to one another so that they both experience both bodies as
one unit, so that the experience of being in you and your clone melts
together as one experience of being. In which case your experience of
being will extend to also include the clone, and once your older body
dies, this will be no more traumatic than losing a limb to amputation. By
mobile phone and modem one could be linked up mentally as one unit without
being linked up physically.  

By all means pursue rejuvenation, routines for  freezing live organisms in
such a way that these survive freezing and thawing, and the use of nano
technology to repaire any damage caused by death, after death or during
the freezing cycle.  

However, in the mean time we can by use of existing technology, easily
create clones that are a close to 100 percent continuation of ourselves. 
And isn't that what we want to achieve in the first place?  

Creating such mental clones, might even make all the other life-extending
technologies fall easier to develop as well.  

Thus let me call upon you all to have cell samples taken, cultivated,
frozen and cloned.   Sincerely,  








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