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From: "Scott Badger" <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10734 - #10744
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:26:36 -0600

>Scott Bankston (#10727) writes:
>> .. Is there a mechanism in place to assure that those taking the "plunge"
>are >psychologically fit to inhabit whatever future they will arive in? I
>an avid
>>proponent of life extention but quality of life is of utmost importance. I
>not enjoy >the thought of arriving at a common destination with many of the
>thought >processes I see at functioning at times on this board.

John De Rivaz responds:

>This surely is part of the revival process and rehabilitation, not a
>selection process at time of cryopreservation. By definition, all of those
>cryopreserved will be highly unfit physically, since medical technology of
>the time will have given up on them. Part of the revival process will be
>curing these physical ills. Repair of any mental ills and re-orientation
>required will also be part of that process.
>Indeed, it has been suggested that cryopreservation of criminally insane
>people, rather than cooking them to death by passing an electric current
>through them, is a reasonable course of action on the basis that future
>civilisation many have worked out a method of cure.

I believe Robert Ettinger provided the best response to Scott's post, but I
am a bit disturbed with John's suggestion that my revival will involve the
"repair of mental ills".  I believe Scott was referring to "weeding out"
what he perceived as less than desirable personality styles, while John is
probably referring to psychological profiles that are more pathological and
in clear need of repair.  But, I think this brings up an interesting point.
I would certainly give my reanimators permission to restore my body to a
natural (non-augmented) healthy and youthful state.  No way would I give
them permission to "tweak" my psychological profile or my personality.  I
want to wake up as me.  I'll consider being tweaked and augmented either
physically or mentally once I've been revived and can weigh the pros and
cons for myself.  Now would I give permission to be uploaded if that
technology became available far earlier than cellular repair technology?
Hmmmm, that would take some consideration.  What other contingencies need to
be considered in this regard?  And to what degree do we believe that
contracts will be honored, that our rights will be respected, and that our
instructions will be followed by well-meaning future reanimators?

Scott Badger

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