X-Message-Number: 10750
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: CryoNet-policy
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 23:30:10 +0100

Sorry, working till 6 AM I missed one word, not: Corrected: CryoNet are not very
large yet and seems to be closest to us who have the means to sign up or had
done so. I beg those who has not or can not, not to tell us what to do here.

Sci.cryonics are more specified, pehaps CR etc. are better there. Technically I

like Sci a lot less, more fuzz handling it. There are even PR for pyramid-scheme
where the last suckers lose, illegal over here. CryoNet are spared from that

yet, but has seen PR for other products a bit far out, not very disturbing, even
fun to see some from far down eastern Europe with tolerance.
Someone complained to me privately on the recent Norwegian posts, seem to have
flipped out a little bit in the wrong place as an after the last minute case,

propably under stress and press for Bauge we must understand. I think its better
to complain here but with good time of consideration first. Only in here as far
as I know, we get messages from various Cryo.-orgs as most of us signups like I
assume. And once again, if there are something we dislike its easy to wipe out

in the computer, may be a problem for KFL's archive expansion. As I seem to have
understood,  the signup-society ought to be first here in policyissues.
4 Life/Pro vivo
Thomas Nord

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