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From: "Trygve B. Bauge" <>
Subject: SV: Cryonics  in Norway.
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 00:35:15 +0100

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>-----Opprinnelig melding----- >Fra: Thomas Nord

> >Is  it legal to freeze people in Norway, but not to keep the
cryopatient  >in long term storage?  

Yes it is legal to freeze people in Norway, I have organized two

Both cryo patients are stored in the USA since we don't have any long term
storage facility yet here in Norway.  

I have also assisted a few clients in storing cell samples.  

We are 6 people here in Norway that are strongly interested in cryonics
and that are keeping in touch with one another.  

One client is looking for a partner to share the cost of buying a 20 liter
dewar with capacity to store 100 or so cell samples. The dewar will cost
about $ 1,100 to buy and about $200 a year for liquid Nitrogen.  


Life-Extension Systems, Norwegian Icebathing Association & Action 88. For
a VHS video presentation of my work, send $50 to Trygve B.Bauge  c/o
Aksjon 88, P.o.b.59 Hovseter,0705 Oslo,Norway Ph 47-2214-8078 E-mail: 


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