X-Message-Number: 10753
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 20:52:32 -0500
From: Marty Kardon <>
Subject: OK, It Worked! Now what?

    Let's get practical here (relatively speaking). What does everyone
expect to happen if awakened 75-100 years hence? Will we be given a new
suit and _n_ dollars and told to go forth? I don't think anyone should
assume that the world in which we would awaken will be bountiful,
generous, etc. human nature being what it is.  Do the cryonic orgs plan
on socking away resources for suspendees' use after arriving in a
strange/brave new world? Are we supposed to put dollars earned in this
lifetime in somekind of tentative impenetrable trust that will be there
if everything works as plans. What's to protect suspendees from the
chicanery of generations hence [assuming as I must the honesty and
trustworthiness of those currently in charge]

    And, how is the system set up to keep fragile preserved suspendees
attended to in future unpredictable times. Murphy's law keeps a vigilant
watch over us all.
    I suppose we could just figure this is a very expensive funeral
[with an actual ice sculpture of the honoree included!] and figure its a
shot and if it doesn't work, oh well, we'll never know the difference.

    Maybe the most certain assurance is to get our progeny signed up so
that generations hence keep the "flame burning" so as to revive their
noble ancestors...

Marty Kardon

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