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Subject: Cell samples.
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 12:48:53 +0100

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In those cases where live cells can not be harvested, or stored in a way
that preserve their life, and the only option is to store DNA from dead
cells, what are the best options for doing so?  

Would anyone care to suggest any protocol for storing dead cell samples 
a) dry b) freeze dried c) in alchohol d) in embalming fluid, e) frozen f)

and  what cells are the easiest to harvest so to cover the complete
genetic code of the diseased?  

Has any research been done on to what extent a persons DNA can be found in
hair, nails, bones, and blood? In particular what part of a person's DNA
is lacking from each of the above  sources? Would such sample compliment
one another and add up to a source of the person's complete DNA makeup?  

The question is real in such cases where a body is destroyed, but prior
blood and hair samples etc. might still exist.  



Ps. The 32 year old in Mandal did not prevail. Her uncle became violent
against her, and her father had the phone disconnected, so that she could
not call out from the family home. She was not permitted to even take hair
samples of her mother!!!! She lives in a small coast town, where everyone
knows everyone and where her father and uncle are good friends with both
her mother's doctor, the local police and the undertaker etc...  

The moral is: If you are in favour of cryonics, be sure to team up with
others that share your interest.  

Now she is attempting to find out if  the hospital has taken and preserved
cell or blood samples from her mother. The hospital has just told her to
speak to her mother's doctor who is a good friend of her uncle.... Of
course if her inlaws find out that such examples exist they might try
quite vigourously to have such destroyed as well.  

If I was her, I would move!   





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