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From: "Trygve B. Bauge" <>
Subject: Would you like to be on a list of European cryonic contacts?
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 13:23:50 +0100

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Hi Thomas, I am not sure I understood the following sentence in your post
to Cryonet:  

>Someone complained to me privately on the recent Norwegian posts, >seem
to have >flipped out a little bit in the wrong place as an after the last
minute >case, >propably under stress and press for Bauge we must

Are you or others saying that cryonet is not the right place for my

If so please be adviced that I think otherwise.  

I have only noticed your posts for the last few months.  

However, I have been involved in cryonics since about 1989 myself, and
interested in it for much longer.  

I have organized two cryonic suspensions and assisted in others.  

My grand father is stored at my facility in Nederland Colorado, and
another Norwegian lady is stored at Cryonic Institute's facility in
Michigan as a result of my efforts. Every so often I get requests from
people who just have lost their relatives. Such requests are not that
unusual in cryonic circles. Most of the time such requests do not lead to
a suspension,  

On the other hand quite a few of the people presently suspended were
signed up after death or otherwise not frozen under the most ideal
circumstances. And of course we ought to be open for such requests as

I have posted to Cryonet once in a while over the years, and am now back
doing so. I just bought a much better computer, and have now a much better
internet link than I have ever had before.  

Trygve Bauge  

P.s. If you want to join our informal Norwegian cryonic group, I will be
glad to put you in touch with the other people I know of here that are
strongly interested in cryonics. Maybe we can form some  short of
Scandinavian list of cryonic contacts, that we all can draw upon in time
of cryonic suspensions and otherwise.  

If there are other people in Europe reading this, I would be glad to
include these on such a list too. Maybe we every so often could post an
upgraded list of European cryonic contacts to the internet? With Sweden,
Denmark and Finland already being a part of EU, and the Schengen agreement
soon enabling free unrestricted travel between EU and Norway, we would
easily be able to visit and assist one another.  


Life-Extension Systems, Norwegian Icebathing Association & Action 88. For
a VHS video presentation of my work, send $50 to Trygve B.Bauge  c/o
Aksjon 88, P.o.b.59 Hovseter,0705 Oslo,Norway Ph 47-2214-8078 E-mail: 

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