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From:  (Timothy Freeman)
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Subject: Re: Bank Accounts for the Suspended?
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Date: 29 Jul 92 15:17:45 GMT
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Bonneau,,) writes:

   A quick question.  It seems to me that being declared legally
   dead while in suspension is a double-edged sword.  It allows
   you to collect the life insurance policy that pays for the
   suspension, but it likely prevents you from having a bank
   account or investments like, say, a mutual fund.  ...
   Is there any way around this?  

The main obstacle is the "Rule Against Perpetuities", which means that
your will cannot put restrictions on what happens to your wealth
forever after your legal death.  A small country named Liechtenstein
that borders Switzerland and Austria does not have a Rule Against
Perpetuites, and Saul Kent has set up an organization called The
Reanimation Foundation to take advantage of this.  Here's the blurb
from Kevin Brown's list of cryonics-related organizations:

   The Reanimation Foundation is set up to enable you to "take it with you"
   and provide financial support for your reanimation, reeducation, and
   reentry.  It is based in Liechtenstein, which does not have a Rule Against
   Perpetuities, and thus allows financial assets to be owned by a person
   long after the person is declared legally dead.
       Reanimation Foundation
       c/o Saul Kent
       16280 Whispering Spur
       Riverside, CA 92504
       (800) 841-LIFE

It seems to me that depositing your money with this organization is
essentially creating a rich and therefore powerful entity that is
going to lose lots of money if you get reanimated.  I feel uneasy
betting my life that this organization will prefer to pursue its
stated purpose rather than its own self-perpetuation.  On the other
hand, I don't know any better way to deal with this situation.  Caveat

(Insert legalistic boilerplate here about this not being an offer of
any kind, and you'd better get and read a prospectus, and so forth.)
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