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Date:         Wed, 29 Jul 92 13:44:58 CST
From:         Gary Kronk <>
Subject:      Possible thawing process?
Newsgroups:   sci.cryonics

Once again pardon my ignorance if this subject has been discussed in
the past, but I am interested in this subject matter. My interest is
probably more along the lines of future space travel than reviving
people in cryonic suspension, but the basic process of "thawing"
should be the same.

After writing to Ettinger (sp?) several years ago, I began wondering
if the thawing process could be accomplished using some sort of
complex microwave system (please, let's not start with the jokes :) ).
I have read about cryobiology and have noted that different cells
(i.e. skin cells, brain cells, etc.) required different rates of
thawing to avoid damage. It would seem that a microwave unit could
be built that would aim different units to different areas of the
body so that different organs and tissues would thaw at different
rates (lots of "differents" in that sentence).

The unit would be complex, but would solve a lot of the problems
of thawing the inner portions of the body at nondamaging rates.

Gary W. Kronk

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