X-Message-Number: 10774
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Affirmation. Personal remarks. Healthrisks. 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 00:56:44 +0100

Probably by affirmation I've got most of what I've wished so far slowly, and
hope to get the rest I'm working on before I die. Remember reading in Cryonics
magazine (?) it  may be a risk dealing to much with Cryonics in that sense,

since we should avoid risks and stay alive till better freezingmethods are clear
if possible.
Has there been any dispute over the Crackingproblems being solved as in an

Another problem bad and good, over here they wait 30 minutes when dead for a
final check to be sure, as some dead apparently wake up within 30 minutes
sometimes; The same all over?

As for the personal remarks on me yesterday I also got in an E-mail, I think
such things should be cleared with private E-mail first if possible. Thought I
was defending Trygve, when I got complaints on the many postings on the (after
the last minute) Norwegian case. Surprisingly from an Cryonicist since CryoNet
are very slow in such at matter, probably under stress and no bother to me as I
thought he would be helped out by E-mail directly instead of waiting another 24
hours in this. No offence Trygve, who has a routine for that over here? I
answered privately but add some here due to the same E-mail-remarks on me in
here, since Cryonics is no novelty to me as I started searching as soon as I
heard of it, took a long time without Internet to find, via the embassy and the
Fulbrightcomission and some Cryo.-org when I finally found Alcor in Riverside
many years ago and so on. With Internet it can all be done in a day or night.
Waiting for a new computerscreen of the more healthier type till spring this
year, I had no Internet before and have now an LCD-TFT one as are on to much,
keeping me awake getting to little sleep sometimes, and indoors to much, not
very healthy as I notice and have to change, a risk for many of us I guess.

4 Life/Pro vivo (in Latin)
Thomas Nord

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