X-Message-Number: 10778
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 08:34:35 -0800
From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: CryoWiki & Real21CM

Charles Platt writes,

>Thanks to Peter Merel for his summary of the conference presented by 21st 
>Century Medicine. The shock of reading this sober summary of important 
>work with practical applications, REPORTED ON CRYONET, is almost as great 
>as the shock that Peter experienced when he learned that vitrification of 
>organs is now possible at moderate temperatures with minimal toxicity, 
>after just a few months of research into this promising new mix of 

Now Charles you and I both know too well that protestations about S/N 
only contributed to lowering it. We might not appreciate the irrelevant
claptrap that's appearing on cryonet, but there's really only one 
alternative - unsubscribe.

It's been proposed in the past that some generous soul come forth and 
produce a moderated version of cryonet. This really is too much to ask
of anyone I think. Perhaps a self-moderating alternative might be to 
set up a wikiwikiweb on cryonet.org? I can contribute a perl script to
do this if Kevin's interested, or of course there are several others 
available open-source. If folk don't know what a wikiweb is, check out 




>I videotaped and photographed the entire conference and will be writing a 
>detailed report which should appear in Alcor's CRYONICS magazine, 
>CryoCare's internal newsletter--and maybe on CryoNet as well. First I 
>have to get all the tapes transcribed, which will be nontrivial.

Perhaps a RealAudio version would be easier to make?

Peter Merel.

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