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From:  (Timothy Freeman)
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Subject: Re: Possible thawing process?
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Date: 29 Jul 92 20:48:01 GMT
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   After writing to Ettinger (sp?) several years ago, I began wondering
   if the thawing process could be accomplished using some sort of
   complex microwave system (please, let's not start with the jokes :) ).

The Trans Time people who have done the experiments with cooling the
rats/hamsters/gerbils/whatever used a microwave to thaw the animals
they worked with.  The blood of the animals was replaced by an
experimental solution, then they were cooled to near 0 degrees
celsius, then they were thawed quickly with the microwave.  This
provided a quick, inexpensive way to get a rough idea of how well the
experimental solution did its job.

Unfortunately, when tissue is cooled to a lower temperature, damage
is done during freezing as well as during thawing.  Improved thawing
techniques are worthwhile, but it can't undo the freezing damage.

   It would seem that a microwave unit could be built that would aim
   different units to different areas of the body so that different
   organs and tissues would thaw at different rates (lots of "differents"
   in that sentence).

If two tissues are in contact and they need to be thawed at different
rates, how do we make them get different amounts of microwaves?
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