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Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:35:12 -0800
From: Jim Yount - Chief Operating Officer <>
Subject: Video Tapes of 21st Century Medicine Seminar and Tour?

The work at 21st Century Medicine means that research with likely
application to cryonics is being funded at a higher level than ever before.
It is not surprising that there are early very promising returns from that
research.  This is exciting news for anyone planning to be suspended, and
all of us should make efforts to keep abreast of these developments.  These
facts suggest several questions:

I understand that there were plans to video tape the recent Seminar and to
make the tape available to interested people for a modest fee.  How can we
go about getting the tape?  Does the tape include footage of the "tour?"

While we get some reports on CryoNet and in the various cryonics
newsletters of the work at 21st Century Medicine, the information is
incomplete and a bit disjointed.   Are there any plans for a newsletter or
magazine specifically devoted to reporting research at that laboratory?  Is
such information available to 21st Century Medicine stockholders in
stockholder reports?  How does one get information about possible stock

Long life,

Jim Yount

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