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From: "Halperin, Jim" <>
Subject: RE: First Immortal Mini-Series
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 09:46:32 -0600

> 	The Hitman[SMTP:] wrote:
> Hello again:
> I was wondering how the progress on the mini-series of "The First
> Immortal" is going?  Maybe you could post the response to Cryonet and 
> let everyone know.
> Thanks.
> Brett Corlett
> Faculty of Engineering, Carleton University
	Hi Brett,
	Thanks for writing to me. It's great to hear from you. I'll also
post this response on Cryonet.
	About two weeks ago, my agent informed me that he had just
spoken to Robert Halmi, the CEO of Hallmark Entertainment. He said that
although Hallmark and CBS had rejected Rospo Pallenberg's script, Halmi
still loves the concept, was in the process of hiring another
screenwriter, and was "definitely 100% going to get it made." Now I
don't know if this could be Hollywood-speak for fifty-fifty, but
Hallmark has spent a small fortune on the project so far, mid-six
figures or higher. They still have approximately seven months left on
the option as well as the right to renew for an additional six months.
Furthermore, Halmi has a reputation for making everything he options,
and has continued to mention TFI in recent media interviews.    
	Incidentally, I told my agent that because of all the reader
feedback I'd received from the hardcover edition of The First Immortal,
the paperback version is markedly different, and, I think, a big
improvement. He asked me to send him five copies of the paperback when
it came out (it was scheduled to be published in December, but I noticed
that it has just become available on amazon.com, so today I'll order the
five copies to send him from them), along with a letter describing each
of the plot-differences, so he could forward it to Hallmark. That will
probably be the extent of my involvement in the production, other than
cashing any checks they send me and donating the money to various
cryonics and other health- or education-related causes.
	Thanks again for asking.
	All best regards,
	Jim Halperin
	P.S. Did anyone see the segment on Alcor on 48 Hours last
Thursday night? I heard it was very positive.

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