X-Message-Number: 10791
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:03:56 -0800
From: Keith Rene Dugue <>
Subject: Back to Cryonics


ABC News and Hand Gun Control are hardly unbiased sources. They are well
known for their lopsided views on firearms. Were they really all that you
could find?  Where are the sites to back up the statistics stated in these
ads? Remember  ABC News  had accepted Susan Glick's criticisms of Dr.
Lott's Paper before she had even read it!  She was offered a copy of it by
Lott and rejected it. When Lott confronted her with this, she simply hung
up. Remember that in 1986 it was HCI that erroneously claimed that
Florida's Concealed Carry Weapon law would turn Florida into "the
Gunshine" State. Violent crime has dropped since the law was enacted. HCI
also claimed that the Brady law would have stopped John Hinckley but he
had already bought two guns under California's 15-day waiting period
before shooting the president. HCI knew this, but had lied anyway!  


Historically, more people have been killed by firearms in the hands of
their governments than by their fellow citizens. Moreover, your references
don't reflect the instances under which the use or display of firearms
saves lives.   

Have you finally read More Guns, Less Crime by Dr. John Lott of the
University of Chicago? When you have, I think you will find yourself
wasting less of our time.  

I have worked as an Engineer for companies that have built some of the
most powerful weapons systems the world has ever seen and I can't see why
nanotechnology would not provide anyone, with the desire and knowledge,
the ability to build some these modern weapon systems. Future generations
will have to deal with more far reaching issues than firearms. Ultimately,
we must take responsible for ourselves and not blame inanimate objects if
we are to have any hope of survival. Please, let's get on with the task of
working towards improving the state of cryonics.  


Keith R. Dugué  

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