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Subject: Re: Cryonet # 10778; Peter Merel & Charles Platt (Was: CryoWiki & 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 12:10:23 -0800

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Re: Cryonet # 10778; Peter Merel & Charles Platt (Was: CryoWiki &
Real21CM) > >Charles Platt writes, > >>Thanks to Peter Merel for his
summary of the conference presented by 21st  >>Century Medicine. The shock
of reading this sober summary of important  

>>work with practical applications, REPORTED ON CRYONET, is almost as
>great  >>as the shock that Peter experienced when he learned that
vitrification of  >>organs is now possible at moderate temperatures with
minimal toxicity,  

>>after just a few months of research into this promising new mix of 
>>cryoprotectants. > >Now Charles you and I both know too well that
protestations about S/N  >only contributed to lowering it. We might not
appreciate the irrelevant >claptrap...  

I have posted some of this claptrap myself, when I posted some of the
announcements about the work of the U of Calgary research group. It had
little to do with cryonics, but I conjecture, that has aroused more
interest among the readers of Cryonet than the aloof musings of the
self-appraised finer minds about the mundane "claptrap" unworthy of their



>that's appearing on cryonet, but there's really only one  >alternative -

BINGO! - Just wondering, that Charles with his incisive mind has been
unable to figure that one out for himself.  

>It's been proposed in the past that some generous soul come forth and 
>produce a moderated version of Cryonet. This really is too much to ask
>of anyone I think.   

I can assure you that the lack of spontaneity and delays inevitable delays
in posting which reduces correspondence in moderated groups to the speed
of snail mail, would kill Cryonet before you can say whoopidooh.  

The moderated group sci.nanotech, with an interest level in terms of
numbers in the general population, which is probably one or two orders of
magnitude higher than that of cryonics is barely creeping along.  

>Perhaps a self-moderating alternative might be to  >set up a wikiwikiweb
on cryonet.org? I can contribute a perl script to  

>do this if Kevin's interested, or of course there are several others 
>available open-source. If folk don't know what a wikiweb is, check out  


I hope sincerely, that Kevin will resist this nonsense. I suggest, that
those, who are offended by the low level of scientific application and by
postings irrelevant to cryonics open their own moderated discussion group
and leave Cryonet as it is now. If you get too restrictive, it will die
considering the small number of participants. Oh and about losing those,
who are opting for a moderated discussion group, - they will be back in
the fold as soon as they figure out, that theirs does not work.  





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