X-Message-Number: 10794
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Error. Centenarians? Non US Cryonicists.
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 22:48:24 +0100

Sorry, among some 40 more or less urgent mails after working till 5 AM I
happened to do as Trygve the other day, post almost the same twice. Jumping in
and out multilingual to much gave another error, the first word should be we
instead of the Swedish vi. The first part concerned of course on the right to

Anybody on this net who have studied "Centenarians"? I did and will do.

I dont have much hope to change much in US as are to large in that matter as I
can do here. I am in the business for you to honestly declare whats good or bad
for us outside, if we like to move over to US, with our money and efforts as
Cryonicists getting more involved and learn more, or if we have to try starting
up something better here. With a lot of Americans living abroad and a lot of

Swedes living in US its not simple black or white. Have never heard any American

returning from here, but a lot of Swedes coming back at least when they get old.
I dont have the time to try out everything at place for years, and are very
involved here. Think I will travel over anyway but like a solid ground first to
work on as long as I have other matters first.
Thomas Nord

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