X-Message-Number: 10795
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 07:52:48 -0800
From: Peter Merel <>
Subject: Cryonet vs. Cryowiki OR Cryonet and Cryowiki?

Sorry Olaf, no offense intended; cryonet is an open forum and you have a right
to discuss anything you like here. Many folk, myself included, stray far from
cryonet's focus on occasion, just as now, and it's hypocrisy to suggest that
anyone here shut up, cease and desist, or otherwise alter their habits. I 
wasn't suggesting that at all, nor that cryonet be shut down. 

Nevertheless we have two forces at work here - the desire for signal,
and the desire for free discussion. These forces compete. I don't know 
whether a wiki would resolve them as well as cryonet does; I don't know 
if folk here would care to use it, or whether it mightn't be too open a 
forum for the subject matter. 

So it occurs to me that we might use this new kind of medium not as a
replacement but as an adjunct to cryonet. I think this might resolve
the two forces without hindering either one. I think the original wiki,
which is supplemented by pattern-focused mailing lists, demonstrates that
this can work well. It seems worth a try anyway - and if it doesn't work,
the wiki could easily be retired without any alteration to the mailing list.

Peter Merel. 

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