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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Answer more neutral on Gun-control
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 03:01:46 +0100

Keith R. Dugu : You are a new name here, at least for me and in old archives. A
Cryonicist (signed up) or not?
Partly for Thomas D too: I had no idea ABC isn't neutral as you claim, since we
have a regulation over here the national TV-stations must be.
I'm not entirely against anything as I've already stated, just collecting facts
for us Cryonicists  outside US, who can and perhaps will move over with our
money and efforts to work in the movement.
During years the snailway, and Internet since spring I've collected facts from
CA AZ Mich. and Canada etc. still going on.

And are not alone on this issue as you may have seen here from my point if view.
I do not wish any endless debate on guncontrol as it can be, dont even mind
buying a gun myself if thats the best, as I sometimes wished here in my house
where its illegal without a license hard to get, if I dont choose a rifle and
hunterslicence a lot easier.

The links was only 2 I saved out of many in a search on AltaVista on Guncontrol
in Australia and US linking and linking.
Have browsed the Lott-pages, also others as claim verified he is paid by the
I have some of them saved on my list incl. NRA.
Have you managed a neutral search yourself or do I have to post them all here?
And as someone wrote here, if more guns are a solution, US would be the safest
place on earth; Is it?
Florida may have gotten a bit safer, but compare it with what we have here and
most of the rest of the world, thats what I'm doing. US are very odd in this
matter, does it have to? It certainly is dividing the nation.
Its not all a matter of getting killed, we can also get handicapped or badly
damaged otherwise, risk killing ourselves and our near ones easier, and get a
severe sentence as we dont have here for such, another difference to think of.
If there are no problem in US, why such a fuzz from a large part of the
population against the mighty NRA?
Do some of you mean you have to have guns to keep the government polite?
Cant a majority do as they like to anyway in Washington i.e. outrule the guns?
This may be a trivial level of arguments for some of you, for others not, bear
tolerance and solidarity.

We learn a lot from US as the land in the forefront of some good progress,
perhaps you can be humble and learn a little bit from us in the old countries

you all have a history from. We also have a gunproblem here as almost everywhere
more or less, when the bad guys have one and the good dont and need perhaps.
Here its illegal to even say I will kill you, and illegal possession a serious
crime as can give time in the slammer. I've even considered to have one hidden
here but wont against the law. My brother has a legal one. I've even said, do I
have to move over to US to protect myself. So far I'm open minded as almost
always as working neutral with changing this land since many years on high
political level.

I'm getting a bit fed up of this issue and have more near Cryonicsrelated issues
etc. at hand to rather work with. But as also Olaf Henny wrote, this is related
to us outside US, and as I've seen the Cryonicists are on either side as it is
in US. Someone in UK or Australia told me 1994 all the staff in one large
Cryo.-org are armed, thats not the case this year as I've checked myself.

Here are some more pages I will update before any travel to US. Seek linking and
linking, this is not all. 2 are from Australia as you can see, I often start
there as they use to have easier seek for links to US etc.
http://www.vpc.org/ http://www.gunfree.org/
Thomas Nord
Cryonicist many years

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