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Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 14:52:00 +0100
From:  (John de Rivaz)
Subject: Re: moderated lists

In article: <> "Olaf Henny" 
<> writes:
> >It's been proposed in the past that some generous soul come forth and 
> >produce a moderated version of Cryonet. This really is too much to ask
> >of anyone I think.   
> I can assure you that the lack of spontaneity and delays inevitable delays
> in posting which reduces correspondence in moderated groups to the speed
> of snail mail, would kill Cryonet before you can say whoopidooh.  
> The moderated group sci.nanotech, with an interest level in terms of
> numbers in the general population, which is probably one or two orders of
> magnitude higher than that of cryonics is barely creeping along. 

There is someone posting to sci.cryonics every week or so with this message. 
I have never followed it up myself, but maybe some of you wanting a 
moderated list may like to try:

In article: <>  "Excelsior Majordomo" 
<> writes:
> From: "Excelsior Majordomo" <>
> Subject: Moderated Cryopreservation List
> Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
> Homo Excelsior "http://www.excelsior.org" hosts a moderated list about
> cryopreservation.  To subscribe, email <> with
> the message "subscribe cryopreservation".

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