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Date: Wed 28 Jun 89 08:12:09-EDT
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: CRYONICS mailing list #101 - Re: Risks and Perpetuities
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Re David Stodolsky's comments:

Human bodies have in US and English Commonwealth Law (at least) a status 
neither as property nor as living beings. We can't write our wills or execute
any other documents specifying that the cryonics society will ONLY receive our
money if we remain undestroyed, since the perpetuities rule forbids an 
indefinite arrangment with our estate. Since we are no longer alive, life
insurance companies cannot insure us for life.  Since we are not property
nor can a cryonics society have an interest in our continued suspension and
insure us as property.

I was serious with my comment about Luxemburg or Liechtenstein. Perhaps 
David, who lives in a Roman Law country, could look into the situation 

		Thomas Donaldson

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