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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 92 17:19:31 EDT
From:  (Perry E. Metzger)
Subject: CRYONICS: Extropians Gathering

Kevin: Not for sci.cryonics -- do whatever else you like with the information.

>Message: #1080 - Alcor New York August 16
>Date: 30 Jul 92 14:13:33 EDT
>Message-Subject: Alcor NY Meeting

>Alcor New York's next meeting will be on Sunday, Aug. 16th, 2 - 4 PM at
>the usual place: 72nd. Street Studios, 131 West 72nd. Street, in Manhattan.
>We will have a question and answer session with our special guests.

>SPECIAL GUESTS will include:

>SAUL KENT is an author, life extension activist, Co-founder of the
>New York Cryonics Society in the 60's, and fighter for freedom in
>health care. Mr. Kent has contributed over $500,000.00 to Life
>Extension Research and is the major financial supporter of cryonics.

>MICHAEL DARWIN is President of Biopreservation, past President of
>Alcor, past Alcor Director of Research, and a major participant in
>over two decades of cryonics research and suspensions.

Interestingly, and by sheer coincidence, the weekend of August 14-16th
there is going to be an east coast Extropians gathering in New York,
including a dinner on the evening of the 14th and a party planned for
the night of Saturday the 15th. We hadn't found an event for the 16th,
although presumably we now have one -- the Alcor meeting. Since most
cryonics types I know are already extropian in their worldview, Alcor NY
people and others coming to New York for the meeting on the 16th
may be interested in this event; contact me for more information.

Perry Metzger

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