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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: PR and European Cryonics storage
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 21:37:58 -0000

As most of us know we dont only need more signups, but much more research to
clear the doubts. That goes hand in hand, I signed up for Prometheus as
failed, and dont have the grips whats going on exactly now.

Why not try some undertakers as PR-agents on commission for this third

Another PR argument I havent seen yet from another: It ought to be less
grief and sorrow if the loved one are in storage and may come back instead
of burn or rot. I have argued against these sader alternatives in years, but
have only found CI later doing the same; Why not all of you?

Our national TV4 had some PR but also doubts at 8:30 PM this summer when
people are more merry. Such are better in the winter, and to follow up in
talkshows right on with an easy reference to find. The only ones done here
were early one morning in TV4, and one evening in TV3 as half of us here
dont have, both with Marta Sandberg from Western Australia whos Helmer are
in storage at CI. Our public national TV had some feature more years ago
from Alcor UK and US. Guess most countries have had such. But all with the
neuro-stuff as no good PR, make people shiver dragging us down. Better skip
that bad impression as long as we have CI costing less, and other choices
with more money.

Australia and NZ may be to small for an independent storage entity if it
cant attract the rich Asians above. But here we have EU more or less as
large as US, with free travel the same rights and no customsborders fuzz
etc. within for us allowed, thats a new situation getting better.

Nobody has disputed the fact both Alcor and CI have, its better as far as
its known today to live as close as possible to them if signed up, to reduce
damage and improve revival. Their concept are good and improving, we dont
wish to compete here, on the contarary welcome expansion here if possible.

Since US are more capitalistic for better and worse, and we have gotten
things as Scientology etc. from over there, I understand the comments I get
on Cryonics such as "they do it for the money", as I dispute and say: Even
if a lot more are done for the chase of bucks in US, I havent found anything
yet in many years for the big profit in this, only a few can hardly make a
living on it. And there are nonprofit and forprofit.
To get this label off, it is a need to start something independent here if
it can fast enough and legal, with help from US so it will be a choice,
since its another aspect people will have their loved ones near even as
dead. We have a sunken ship here with some 800 gone down with it in the
Baltic sea a few years ago. Now its a dispute if our taxpayers shall pay
huge amounts to "get them home for a normal burial and a grave to visit" as
only some near ones are campaigning for, I and many work against as scilly
when we need our common money better.

Millions of us mediumage over here have spare money enough and social
security anyway from all taxpayers, to afford Cryonics, only few can migrate
or wish to be far away at the end.

Sorry John I'm in the mood to argue here: "The UK has the second largest
population of people signed up for cryopreservation outside the USA as far
as I know, but there is still nowhere near enough to support a storage
In that case it must be enough here since there are so many facilitys
sharing those in US, and UK only are a part of EU.

Most of us will not wait "a decade or so" over here I've noticed, like to
get it done with some sort of better set up and get on with life in between,
if we cant or will not move to US sooner or later. Not to much wrong there
but we all like a lot most what we have close by. And US immigrationlaws are
as tuff as here in EU, as long as we are alive at least. Marta warned it may
be a customs-problem even on the way for storage in US from abroad, even if
it has worked before. EU are on the way towards a new US instead, but with
more social security and less guns etc.

I'm not shure storage is good to have "in large numbers", it may become some
sort of  large problem then, moderation may be better as always. If
reanimation will cost a lot, small may be beautiful. Or are we easier to get
rid of then? I'm just trying figure out why some will ban us ie. in BC as I
havent had time to find out yet.
Large numbers are not much of a problem yet but can scare politicians who
will avoid new problems, not to mention for them. If some of them sign up it
can get more to do so. On the other hand they will have to keep us if we can
enlarge without a ban, and there will be more money loaded up for research.

Mvh/Sincerely/Long Life
Thomas Nord

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