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From: "Olaf Henny" <>
Subject: Message #10899 and Others About the Death Of Money
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 15:31:07 -0800

Re: Message #10899 and Others About the Death Of Money
>Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 20:37:40 -0600 (CST)
>money, the concept of "cost" will cease to have meaning.
>Exchange, trade and in all its facets will be as irrelevant as "buying"
>air is today.

>This is the death of money I have writing about.


>Money will be long dead before we start to worry about running out >of
material on THIS world,
>much less the entire solar system.

Wrong again.

>To Peter Merel:

>The Czar could not forsee the rise of Communism.


>From: "Perry E. Metzger"
>If I want to make my brain the size of jupiter, the planet won't have
>enough resources for me. The solar system stops looking particularly
>good in this respect, too.

We do not need grandiose schemes as a brain the size of Jupiter,
ownership of the islands of Fiji or moon virtual ownership of the moon
to establish, that money is here to stay.  All we need is cheesecake:

It is 2098.  The world has adopted a social system, which as George
suggested provides all essentials for free.  This includes food,
clothing and shelter with a choice of identical copies of paintings of
any of the grand masters, Rembrandt, Leonardo, Picasso,-
impossible to tell the difference from the original.

 I have been reanimated and I love cheesecake.  Specifically I love
Aunt Emily's cheesecake.  So I hire an expert ( I have to offer him/her
value for value received) or an AI (, which I have toeither purchase or
leas for this occasion i.e.$$$) to program a bunch of little
nanomachines to analyze and replicate Aunt Emily's cheesecake.
Because it is so good, my friends love it, I have the program patented
(Lawyers) and it sells ($) like hot cakes.

Aunt Emily, who has meanwhile also been reanimated gets wind of
my success and sues.  After her lawyers [now there is an airtight case
for the preservation of money :)] hashed out the legal implications
with my lawyers (or legal AIs), we settle out of court, by sharing costs
and profits 50-50.  Now the whole world can enjoy Aunt Emily's
Cheesecake.  Every piece identical to the original; exactly the same
flavor every time - yeecch.  Not only the rest of the world, but even I,
the cheesecake lover, get sick and tired of Aunt Emily's product.

In 2103 suddenly out of the grey mist of oblivion arises  Mother
Moseley's Genuine Oven-Baked Cheesecake'.  Mhmmm, what a

Aunt Emily and decide to give up on our line, which we couldn't sell
any longer anyway, and make it available for free to the Social
Minexistance Project.  Of course with a wide variety of toppings:
cherry, strawberry and chocolate are the most favored ones.
I really cannot foretell anything about our future beyond 20 years from
now, but one thing I am dead sure (oops, if we are right even death
won't be assured for a long time.), ... I am absolutely positive, that
there will be an economy of scarcity and individuality, in which money
or compensation in some form or other is indispensable.

Of course values may (or may not) be turned upside-down.  A child's
scribbling may well be of greater value than a de Goya.  A piece of
Mother Mosely's Oven-Baked Cheesecake, more than a whole home
provided by social housing.

>So don't sweat blood over whether or not you can find a way to
>preserve your money while you may
>be frozen.
>By the time you are revived, the chances are excellent that money >will
either be on the way out
>or already gone.

Not a chance, George.

>See you there! :)

To that I look forward. :)

>-George Smith


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