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Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 14:41:07 -0500
From: Paul Wakfer <>
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> Message #10917
> From: "Thomas Nord" <>
> Subject: PR and European Cryonics storage
> Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 21:37:58 -0000
> As most of us know we dont only need more signups, but much more research to
> clear the doubts. That goes hand in hand, I signed up for Prometheus as
> failed, and dont have the grips whats going on exactly now.

It is incorrect to state that the Prometheus Project failed. In
competition with a well financed and well staffed effort by 21CM
medicine (for which I was partly responsible), it became clear that it
was both unneccessary to carry forth the original Prometheus Project
plans, and virtually impossible to do so.

The goal of the Prometheus Project, and the only really important aspect
of it, was to first achieve perfected brain cryopreservation within 10
years, perfect whole-body cryopreservation (true, long-term suspended
animation) within 20 years, and finally see it implemented as standard
elective medical practice. These goals are now among the goals of 21CM
which is well on schedule to achieve them.

I wish to once again thank Thomas Nord and many others for their support
and pledges to the Prometheus Project from which they have now been
released. Some of these people and others saw fit to donate funding to
the Hippocampal Slice Cryopreservation Project which is still (slowly)
approaching a start-up position and will dovetail with the research
being pursued at 21CM. More tax deductible donations to the Institute of
Neural Cryobiology in support of that project are still required and
would be very welcome.

Finally, as I understand it, 21CM will very soon issue a prospectus for
a private share offering, at which time Prometheus pledgers and anyone
else will have a chance to support its research either by direct
purchase or by purchase through an investment club if they cannot meet
the direct purchase requirements. 

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