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> What are the specific goals of 21CM?  When did it start? What accompllishments
> have been made?  When is the projected completion date?

21st Century Medicine was started in March 1993 by Mike Darwin, Saul
Kent and myself. It began active research in the fall of 1993,
continuing the work on Asanguious Hypothermic Canine Perfusion, which
had been restarted by Cryovita Laboratories. I could tell you what the
specific goals were at that time, but since from 1995, I have been
"restricted" from taking any part in the decision making and being privy
to any "insider" information, I do not know the current state of this

As opposed to the Prometheus Project, those in control of 21CM during
these last years have chosen to be less "public" (partly through lack of
any need to be) about their activities and whatever long range plans
they have. I have no criticism of this lack of openness. I spent an
enormous amount of time with the Prometheus Project approach attempt to
explain (justify) all my actions and plans in order to generate a
consensus and generate enough support to make it succeed. Ultimately,
this turned out to be an enormous waste of time, although some good
things in other areas (eg 21CM cryopreservation research initiative) may
have partially been prompted by my work.

Preparatory to the issuing of an investment prospectus, the current 21CM
results and near term plans were well explained at a recent one day
seminar and tour of 21CM. You can find a brief report on this in the
Cryonet archives. I understand that a full report by Charles Platt will
be forthcoming.

The prospectus, planned to appear within the next few months, will, of
necessity, have a lot more detail about 21CM's current research, long
range plans and research/financial potential. Currently, any additional
detail must be supplied by Saul Kent, 21CM CEO or Steve Harris, 21CM
President, if they choose to do so at this time. 

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