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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: European Storage
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 00:19:58 -0000

Bob and John: You are right of course. The best is to sign up now in US, try
to expand the movement also over here and everywhere for more storageplaces.
I do not wish to drain what you have, on the contrary. If at least one place
can be set up here, that will attract many more also to US as a choice with
more experience.

Some US-orgs. arent that large so it doesnt seem needed to be so many
involved to back one up.
I'm not sure costs are higher here, may be lower at least in southern EU. A
few hundred involved seem to be enough for one place to start with.
How many do each of the US-orgs. have here? One of the smaller ones can
probably get more here than in US. Alcor make no secret of numbers.

Anyway the basics must be to check out the legalwork as nobody seem to have
done all over here. So far I have not found any legal place for sure where
this may be welcome. Rest assure in US, first the laws, then the money, its
a long way ahead, shorter with the right spirit and help.
"hundreds of thousands of pounds to provide a facility complete........"
The money doesnt seem to be much of a problem, I can pay some or all for set
up, but better be shared and resonable. Laws and regulations seem to be
worse for the moment as it used to in US also!

Remember we have been learned its best to live close to a facility in the
end, as long as we dont know if it makes a difference.

No offence but thru media US are known for good or odd things and whackos,
due to its largness. We may have some here too not so exposed over the
EU-borders. Here we often learn more whats going on in US than EU.
A Cryonics facility over here may lift our movements reputation, if we skip
the headchoppers (decapitation?) and use more of CI-style and luxus sort of
Alcorstyle perhaps or a combination, since CI-prices are affordable for
most, the others more of a strain for many.
Even for us who can afford both its a choice in fact to figure out better
whats the difference besides the cost, with such a difference between CI and
the rest. Only CI has an comparasion in a page. Have anyone outside done one
in detail?

Mvh/Sincerely/Long Life
Thomas Nord

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