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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:04:46 +1100
From: Simon Carter <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #10935 'What efforts have been made in Australia?'
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> Message #10935
> From: "Philip Rhoades" <>
> Subject: Re: Storage of cryopreserved people outside of the USA
> What efforts have been made in Australia?
> Regards,
> Phil.

Hi Phil,

Nice to hear from someone else in the vicinity (aren't you?) with an
interest in cryonics! I'll be brief - I've adapted this message from
a post I sent to sci.cryonics in response to a similar enquiry (on 22
Nov 1998 if you want to search).

The Cryonics Association of Australia has been incorporated for 20
years now. It was set up by local cryonicists with the aim of having
an organisation of legal standing to help any member wishing to make
suspension arrangements and to facilitate eventual suspensions.

We have a basic capability and arrangements to use the facilities of
local morticians. One of our members recently received training at the
Alcor foundation in Arizona. CAA has some 12 members (with suspension
arrangements) around Australia - if you wish I may be able to arrange a
meeting for you. CAA does not offer long term patient care - all members
with suspension arrangements have made them with US based organisations.

> The biggest deciding factor is, of course, time. The suspension would
> most likely have to be performed here and the bodies transported to a
> storage facility in America. Where hopefully there is a reliable storage
> organisation. [This quote from the sci.cryonics enquirer]

There have been two suspensions of Australian residents - one was
performed at short notice using the premises and staff of a Melbourne
mortician (assisted by CAA members). The patient was then flown to the
Alcor Foundation for long term care.

In the second case there was considerably more warning and the
individual was able to travel to the US where the suspension was
performed by the Cryonics Institute. This person had US residency rights
(I believe) and was greatly assisted by a spouse.

> One factor that I have heard about, but not researched fully as yet, is
> there are pro euthanasia in the Nothern Territory. This may allow some
> loophole in current legislation to allow optimal suspension. Particulary
> if you have a nasty and debilitating brain disorder destroying your
> personality. [This quote from the sci.cryonics enquirer]

Well, right here in this very country lives Thomas Donaldson who
(unsuccessfully) fought a legal case in California some 8 years ago when
an aggressive brain tumour threatened to destroy him (fortunately the
tumour responded to treatment). Remember that pro euthanasia legislation
will not be written with cryonics in mind!

Hope this has provided a few guidelines! I'll separately send you a copy
of Thomas' response to this enquiry.

Feel free to email me at the above address.

Long life,


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