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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 11:20:29 +0100
From:  (John de Rivaz)
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> Subject: Thaw
> What is the current thinking on thawing a cryonically preserved organism
> (for the case of ressurection)?  I understand that Microwaves were once in
> vogue but don't they heat from the inside out?

actually microwaves heat a layer just below the surface, not the centre as 
popularly supposed. You *can* make a "baked alaska" in a microwave. Pub food 
improperly re-heated in a microwave can be cold at the center.

However RF cookers, using shorwave radio frewquences, do heat uniformly. 
Although the UK company Thorn-EMI was interested a few years back, the 
product never came to the market. This may have been due to difficulties 
screening for leakage - a faulty (leaky and or off frequency) RF cooker 
could blot out important parts of the short wave communications spectrum.

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