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From: "Olaf Henny" <>
Subject: CryoNet #10932, Robert Ettinger & 10940, Thomas Donaldson
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 21:03:10 -0800

Message #10932 from Robert Ettinger:
>Subject: One more time
My, (Olaf's) annotation it is about the perpetuation of money.

>Although this is getting pretty boring and not very useful, I'll make one
>very brief effort to clarify my guesses on Seconds (see below) and one or
>of the many related matters:
>Robert Ettinger


Message #10940 from Thomas Donaldson
>The real value of money is that it lets us buy and make something
>NEW, which did not exist before. Just how it is new does not matter;
>and we may well come to a state in which most of what we have is
>virtually free. But then there are things that we do not NOW have
>(and at any time there will be such things). Even if we can make
>it ourselves, given the design, the design becomes the valuable
>part. And no, such designs are NOT going to be given away except
>for something in return. And then, some form of money provides
>the best form of that something in return.
>Best and long, long life to all,
>Thomas Donaldson

*Right On!*


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