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From: "Timur Rozenfeld" <>
Subject: Visions of the future
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 14:40:50 -0700

> People still feel a need to place a monetary value on just about
everything - especially
> themselves.
> This is called "self-esteem".
> What actually works for "mental health" and enjoying life is NOT self
> What works is self-acceptance.  (See books by therapist Albert Ellis for
more detailed

That is a ridiculous straw-man definition of self-esteem. Self-acceptance
*is* important, but only one of the many factors that make up self-esteem. A
more reasonable view of self-esteem would include the feeling of confidence
to face life's challenges and the sense that one is worthy of living. I
would think that these would be very important components to living a
successful and happy life.  So if you accept yourself as someone who is
incapable of succeeding in this world and not deserving of happiness,
self-acceptance *by itself* is a formula for stagnation and misery.

> I can see how machines will inevitably DO EVERTHING better than ANY human.

That's a very bold statement that we should all accept without question.

> I read right here on the cryonet example after example of smart people who
> others write but dash off replies to prove their own views correct.
> What would happen if you truly realized you WERE NOT SURE of your views?
> (The future is still UNKNOWN, right?  Ever been surprised?).

Look who's talking! Most of the time, people here try to support their views
with evidence and reasoning. You can speculate about utopian visions of
tomorrow and communicate in a paternalistic and condescending tone if you
like, but don't expect others not to respond...

Timur Rozenfeld

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