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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: PR and the value of money.
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 03:28:40 -0000

"Our unknown future" as it was called here, was in original "Future
Fantastic" narrated by Gillian
Andersson, with the last part from Alcor and Robert Ettinger with PR, and
doubts of Cryonics from another, unfortunately with the
neurosuspension-stuff too as certainly doesnt seem to be any good PR for us,
as long as the Cryonics Institute can do a better thing for less money.

I have browsed through the doubts on the value of money, as doesnt seem to
be good PR for Cryonics, another worry for the future reanimation if there
isnt time to read it all in detail. But thats nothing new, some like to
exchange the practical matter of an monetary-system. Muslim nations forbids
interest-rate and find a way to get around it at home.
Others use barter, and coupons sometimes called green money, often a form of
tax-evasion. The antimonetary ones are often less well off.
In Switzerland the savings are often with a part in gold as a distrust of
money, seem to be a good idea for the next life if we dont like  to start on
social-benefits when we used to be well off. We must have some sort of
enticement or temptation for those who can get us back, if nothing else
will. Who will know beforehand?

The Y2K-problem will soon be over. The CO2 as cause the Greehouse-effect are
worse but can be reversed with the right ambition for the future. With gold
savings its easier to survive that. I havent bought any yet, dont like to
much ded funding, will if I get more worried. Just heard some researchers,
we should normaly be getting it colder now but dont, perhaps due to CO2 as
good-doer! But they guess it will be a raise in sealevel and other problems
if we continue CO2-production from fossilefuels and other sources with no

Merry X-mas
Thomas Nord

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