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Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
From:  (Lawrence C. Foard)
Subject: Long term unattended storage
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1992 02:02:09 GMT

Has anyone thought of constructing a large very well insulated facility
in a remote region, that could be insulated to the point where it could
remain ok for years incase of civil turmoil. Preferably such a facility
would be located in the permafrost someplace so that even if left for
decades the people would atleast remain frozen and possibly reviveable.

Since the volume increases as the cube and the surface area as the
square it seems that a very large facility is best.

Head only-
 One problem here is that when someone is brought back you have to figure
 out where to connect all the nerves. This could take quite a while 
 to figure out and would basically require a long period of physical
 therapy to learn to use everything.
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