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Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 16:58:53 -0400
From: "David A. Kekich" <>
Subject: Life Extension

Some years are better than others.

I went to a friend's funeral today. Two day's ago, I went to another...
my best childhood friend's mother's. It ends a bizarre 1998.

This year was what we used to call "bummers" back in the 60's.

I lost my beloved mother, one of my three remaining aunts, my last three
uncles and one of my business partners, who was also one of the best
friends anyone could ever hope to have. My dad lives with me. He has
Alzheimer's... one of the worst tragedies that can happen to anyone. And
I just read a sobering Alzheimer's statistic. Something like 40% of
family member caregivers have a stroke or heart attack. On top of that,
I turned 55 and get all kind of solicitations from the AARP and other
equally depressing retirement-age related offerings.

This all sucks and drives home the urgency to stop aging
once-and-for-all... and then reverse it.

I did manage to get my mother and business partner into cryonic
suspension. The conditions weren't perfect, and it's a long shot that
they'll be revived with a lot of their memory intact. 

The others are gone for good. 

A few months ago, I made a chart. On this chart, I put 48 columns. Each
column represents a month (48 columns representing four years). Then I
put in a bunch of horizontal rows (20 to be exact). That all results in
960 squares. Each square represents a month in my life, assuming I defy
the insurance company actuarial tables, and actually expect to live 80

Each X in the squares represents every month I lived so far. Each empty
square represents how many more months I might expect to live. 

There ain't many empty squares. 

But there's a rosy side to this illustration. And here's what it is:

It's a wake-up call to do something to 
give myself more squares... and also to
not waste any more time in my life.

For about 12 years, I've been raising venture capital for start-up
companies. Now, I'm going to focus my venture capital energies on life
extension companies, mostly biotech, and forget about all the amazing
widgits that will simply make life more comfortable.

I have a couple of exciting opportunities already... and am constantly
seeking more.

Anyone with a line on any new anti-aging technology looking for funding
is welcome to email me at <> or
<>. Or call me at 814-255-6005.

Long life,

Dave Kekich

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