X-Message-Number: 10969
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 15:09:17 EST
Subject: Response to David Kevitch

Dear David,

Just a note to say I appreciated your thoughtprovoking post on Cryonet today,
Christmas eve, 1998.

Life does go by fast...and losing loved ones points this up to us in a
dramatic and emotional way.

You are probably familiar with Life Extension Foundation based in FT.
Lauderdale.  I believe them to be doing some of the best research and
dissemination around re: issues you want to help fund.

I have been a LEF member for about 6 years.  Longer than the 5 I have been an
ALCOR member.  There is considerable overlap in membership.  

Both orgs are scientific, skeptical, cutting edge, and tend to attract

I hope you are able to find some great orgs to raise capital for.  

Good luck, and please keep us informed.  

Those blocks are getting filled in rapidly for all of us...

Rudi Hoffman, Daytona, FL 

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