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Date: Mon, 3 Aug 92 19:21:57 PDT
From: Lola McCrary <>
Subject: August Alcor North meeting/beach party

Kevin:  For both list and newsgroup.

ALCOR NORTHERN CALIFORNIA MEETINGS: All meetings of Alcor Northern California
are held at 4:00 p.m. sharp on the second Sunday of each month unless otherwise
noted.  Following the meeting a potluck is usually held (around 6:00 p.m.),
with attendees bringing munchies, drinks, a dinner dish or dessert.  Meetings
are open to the public, and so are the potlucks that follow, as separate
events.  For information on meetings call Alcor at 1-800-367-2228 (toll-free,
non-members only) or 1-714-736-1703 (members) or call the host of the meeting.

The location of the August meeting was changed after the July _Cryonics_ went
to press so this is a reminder to all of the new location and specifics for
this meeting.  As mentioned above, guests are welcome.

    August 9, 1992: CHANGE: The August meeting will be a beach party, beginning
at noon, with a minimal business meeting at 4:00, and the party continuing
afterwards.  LOCATION: Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz.  DIRECTIONS:
Get a good map of Santa Cruz.  The beach is located at the north end of Santa
Cruz, and is NOT immediately off of Highway 1.  It will be necessary to travel
on surface streets in Santa Cruz to get there.  The admission is $6.00 per car
and we will try to be there early to grab a couple of picnic tables near a
grill.  Bring food and drink for yourself, and a little to share if you want.
The tables are near the parking lot.  Look for us.  If you aren't sure you'll
recognize us, call and I'll give you a description of myself (4038-238-1318).
The beach is open until sunset, and you can go in the water, but it will
probably be cold.  For those not familiar with northern California beaches, DO
NOT count on it being warm.  Bring layered clothing in case the temp goes down.
Contact Lola at the number above if you need any more information.

Hope to see you there!!

Lola ()

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