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Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 19:39:13 -0800
From: Jim Yount - Chief Operating Officer <>
Subject: Cryonics "Political Correctness"?

Mike Perry says (#10961):

<<People of all political persuasions should be welcome.  But, for just
about anything you say, there is someone somewhere so over-sensitized that
they will be violently turned off. You have to run some risk of this if you
are going to have any kind of open discussion. Again in my judgment, a
little spoofing of the sort presented, at this time of year, is not out of
place here.>>

It is true that life is no fun if we are all so up-tight that we can't
smile at a little humor now and then, even if it is directed at us or some
of our "sacred cows".

I also agree that no discussion group should exclude the topic of politics.
We live in a political world.

That said, if political humor is in the form of a long sarcastic parody it
should be no surprise if someone who does not agree with the points of view
advanced by the humor says: "not funny, McGee".  Maybe the difference
between "humor" and ridicule depends upon which side of political bed you
get up from!

Jay Leno frequently tells political jokes.  These are often at the expense
of President Clinton, some are at the expense of Ken Starr.  If Leno told
twelve jokes in a row all at the expense of Ken Starr, then the Starr
supporters who were willing to laugh at the first couple of jokes would
likely stop laughing somewhere between joke two and twelve.

Many cryonicists hold Libertarian or conservative Republican political
views.  Most of us know this.  However, there are also a good number of
cryonicists with very different beliefs.  I don't think that this fact is
generally known or discussed.  The assumption seems to be that we are all
birds of a feather, and all find humor and sarcasm directed against the
"politically correct" centrists or leftists equally funny.

I don't know the politics of most of the people in suspension.  However,
several of the cold few I know subscribed to leftist political ideals.  A
number of these "liberals" have made substantial endowments to benefit
cryonics.  On the other hand, some others of my frozen friends were very

If the people in suspension span the political spectrum, then we can say
for certain that cryonics has appeal to folks of diverse political ideals.
I want to see that people of all beliefs feel welcome, and we (by default)
don't ourselves adopt a kind of cryonics "political correctness"!

Long life and happy holidays!

Jim Yount

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