X-Message-Number: 10974
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 12:02:16 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Sacred Cows

Jim Yount says (#10973),

>If the people in suspension span the political spectrum, then we can say
>for certain that cryonics has appeal to folks of diverse political ideals.
>I want to see that people of all beliefs feel welcome, and we (by default)
>don't ourselves adopt a kind of cryonics "political correctness"!

No argument here. So (as I see it) a little humor directed against a varied
spectrum of "sacred cows" would not be out of place--even if, inevitably,
your or my s.c.'s get nipped from time to time. Better this than censorship.
Another thought is that nipping the s.c.'s is not necessarily offensive, but
it's possible (though not guaranteed) the devotee will take it all in good
humor and even find himself enjoying the satire. I've noticed that happening
sometimes with me for instance, when someone pokes a little fun at my ideas
about a universal, Tipler/Fedorov-style resurrection.

On the third hand, the mix of humor and relative frequency of different
types will be determined by the mix of contributors, and inevitably some
forms will be less represented than others. Moderation in things intended to
be humorous will, I think, achieve the best effects all around.

Mike Perry

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