X-Message-Number: 10976
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 15:55:15 -0800
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: Black pepper and cancer; immortal mice; ghosts?

I have two ghosts floating in my head that I would like to either kill
or make useful:

I have a memory that feels fairly certain that I read somewhere on
this list or a similar one that black pepper causes stomach cancer,
but I can't find the article.  Either it's true, and I simply failed
to save the article, or I'm having paranoid delusions about my food.
Can anybody help here?  (I did find old mail about table salt causing
stomach cancer; that is interesting, but it isn't the near-miss I'm
looking for.)

Also in the feeling-certain-but-no-evidence category is an article
about a breed of mice at the National Institute of Health that have a
half life instead of showing aging.  When I saw the email (or had the
delusion) I even typed in a reference: Growth Development and Aging,
pp. 17-22, volume 56, 1992.  I cannot find the email that lead me to
type in this reference.  This volume number is consistent with the
year for this journal, but the local medical library doesn't have this
particular year and I can't persuade medscape to pull up the entire
reference given this little information, so I don't see any easy way
to track down the reference.  Can anybody help here?  Title and
authors for the article would be helpful, or a firm statement that
there is no relevant article matching the reference would be great.

Tim Freeman       
Web-centered Java, Perl, and C++ programming in Silicon Valley or offsite

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