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From: "Cryonic-S" <>
Subject: Guncontrol pragmatism
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 04:05:44 -0000

With only one posting Sunday (not from me) I throw in this one, even if
there use to be many on Mondays.

Guncontrol as some agreed are a matter here for staying healthy alive at
length. There were many postings in that issue for and against, and a few
mails as usual it had nothing to do in here.

I got lengthy mails against I haven t had time to answer yet, and some fore.

Now I have another personal case to consider for or against. As a consultant
I was called upon to help a man on an hourfee, he turned up to be a
mentalcase and couldn t get any other help i.e. for earning more money.
Without a paymentagreement on paper I had to drop him partly after a few
months on fulltime. Hundreds of hours and 8 years later I'm still working on
to get my fee, now in an out of court, get deals changing with threats back,
some vague threats last night. I went out to sleep elsewhere then, forgot to
keep the light but had the radio on at home, came back today and found two
boulders had been thrown through my kitchenwindow damaging also my stove,
stove-fan and some minor things. Normally I sleep here with no lights or
radio on. First I thought it was sad I wasn t here to get a chance of a
glimpse at the perpetuator.

Then who knows if I woke up to that sound my pulserate certainly would go
up, as it would sound as a hitman or burglary; Who knows what was going on,
I guess it was only for the damage, but may have felt better with a gun at

On the other hand with liberal laws the other guy would probably have been
armed too, and the mentalcase who has threatened I may get shot might have
done just that.

In conclusion short after the event today I would feel better armed if the
bad guys weren t; If they are, one has to be more careful. No simple
solution around.

Very good protecting-gears may be mirrorwindows and automatic outdoorlamps
with movement-detectors.

Ce la vie, I keep lights on tonight.

Another lesson, don t give out the real address to such people if they don t
know it. I never had those problems living in a flat. Now in my own house
they cant afford, they like to pinpoint the vulnerability here to avoid
paying. Fortunately out of hundreds I only have the 2-3 worst cases left but
will not skip it since they wont pay anything.

Sincerely Long Life
Thomas Nord

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