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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 08:55:57 -0800
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Throwing good time/money after bad
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Thomas Nord wrote:

> I was called upon to help a man on an hourfee, he turned up to be a
> mentalcase and couldn t get any other help i.e. for earning more 
> money.  Without a paymentagreement on paper I had to drop him partly 
> after a few months on fulltime. Hundreds of hours and 8 years later 
> I'm still working on to get my fee, now in an out of court, get 
> deals changing with threats back....boulders had been thrown through 
> my kitchenwindow....

It sounds to me like you have wasted, and are continuing to waste, 
your time and energy.  The 8 years are gone; don't throw more 
after them.  In those hundreds of hours you could have made your
fee at some other job, and with much greater peace of mind.  
Sometimes bad guys get away scot-free -- scream and jump up and
down and decry the unfairness of the universe, then get on with

The issue of your feeling of vulnerability deserves more attention
than a mailing list can give it -- I hope you have plans for 
dealing with it constructively (talking, martial arts, alarms,
firearms training, or whatever).

Be well,
Kennita Watson


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