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From: "SEKO" <>
Subject: PS Guncontrol-pragmatism
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 04:26:52 -0000

This may be a bit private but illustrate the motivation in this issue for a
long healthy life.

On second thoughts the day after, it may just as well have been a
flipped-out neighbor after to much Christmas-drinking, who damaged my house,
since I have agonized a couple who broke the law during 10 years. If in US,
maybe I would have gotten some bullets instead of rubbles?

With that crash and asleep I could have died if I were at home and had a bad
heart. Without a gun I would probably have grabbed my baton and rushed
around with high pulse. With a gun I would probably have tried to stop it
and shoot if I had to, just awake and in the dark, maybe killing or hurting
a neighbor. Is that legal in US? Even if I had a legal weapon here I would
go in the slammer for some years if the other one weren t threatening me
deadly, as self-defence. Then is always the risk of revenge or get shot
myself if we all are armed. I certainly like to stop those and shoot, but
can probably avoid all of it, and it s not the end of the world to fix the
kitchen. I have saved the rubbles and like to do the same if I find out who
did it, if a talkingsession doesn t help.

Mvh Sincerely Long Life
Thomas Nord

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