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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Guncontrol, Re:Time Money
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 00:18:21 -0000

Thanks Kennita, nice to see a woman respond here, never happened the last 6
months at least. (Saw you on the page; Are the webcam making you justice?
Guess it has a wideangle-lens as are no good for portraits).

My posting wasnt meant to be on the social-issue, more a followup on
guncontrol. The other side of the problem you take up and I had as a
background, may get complaints as a non CryoNet-issue if its to detailed, as
some complain of the right issues here better be on other lists or private
Emails. Since its already here, I'll answer shortly and perhaps by mail

You are partly right of course as my family also have suggested the same,
but not my best friend who is a lawyer (no cost for me), and my accounts.
Out of some hundred payers I have only 3 nonpayers left ranging from some
5000 to 37500 and 100.000$ for the worst case mentioned before. Over here in
Sweden we may also have a little different mentality, we are perhaps more
used to get paid, but I'm also learning US habits due to possible migration
to a warmer climate and closer to Cryonics. The problem with nonpayers are
where to draw the line. These cases are no profit in lifequality, but my
line are against those who are not willingly to pay anything at all, or
even won't sign to pay in the future on better terms when they die or
with a symbolic amount.
In your homepage we can see your small business cant make you a millionair
so you like to change. I made mine but not in $ yet if I ever will, but in
SEK so I dont need to work any more, only scratch up a few hours sometimes
on those who have teased me the most, one at the time in level with their
Making money from scratch are often a drag and hardship as many of us know,
I'm fed up with it and are only in trust-managing now with more pleasant
problems and sometimes nervous.

Mvh Sincerely Long Life
Thomas Nord
Stockholm (Sweden) with around +-0 C (32F) and some ice outside I can
live without.

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